I'm located in Tenino, Washington

I can be reached by email - redurie@yahoo.com

Please contact me if you are interested in my animals for sale, or if you are interested in learning more about English Lops!

I'm always eager to encourage new breeders.

Regarding sale of my rabbits, I will place pictures of my kits on this site by litters and keep them updated with facts (weight/ear length/color, etc.) as they mature.  However, I do not price my kits, nor do I decide which will be available for sale until they are old enough to start showing type, at the earliest when they are 6 weeks old.  English Lops as a larger breed do not develop quickly and sometimes a good body type won't show on a young animal until its 8 to 10 weeks or older.  If you are interested in a good show animal you will need to have some patience in picking a good quality animal.